Food ingredients

Food ingredients

”We are known for our reliable and fast service and for our wide range of food ingredients. We can provide you with almost anything.”

Nina Tuovinen
Product group manager

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Pure high-quality food additives and ingredients

Our product range includes pure, high-quality ingredients and additives for the food industry. We deliver e.g. food colorings, flavorings, vitamins, fruit and berry concentrates, nuts, sugars, purees and preservatives.

We work closely with our suppliers  and customers and utilize in-house experts from different sectors of the food industry. We have an Oiva-certificate confirming our compliance with the food regulations. Download the report here.

Product selection

We offer a wide range of fruit and berry concentrates, purees and IQF-berries, which are primarily of European origin. Also Sedex-certified products are available!
Finding the right solution always start with identifying the needs of our customers. Our tailor made solutions may also include, in addition to the vitamins, e.g. minerals and amino acids. The blend is developed taking into account the specific demand of each requested application. We are also able to offer single vitamins.
Our wide range of lecithins include GMO-free soy lecithins, sunflower lecithins and lecithins made out of rapeseed oil. Also organic products are an important part of the portfolio as well as the mono- and diglycerides.
Citric acid and citrates are offered promptly from our stock in Vantaa, Finland.
Potassium sorbate (E202) and sodium benzoate (E211) is supplied promptly from our stock in Vantaa, Finland.
Our range of sweeteners include e.g. sucralose (E955) as well as fructose from sugar beet from leading producers in the the world. We can also offer organic sugars in various forms.
We supply novel organic and inorganic minerals for fortification of food products, with substantial supporting research data. This portfolio includes also marine minerals such as Calsium source from marine plants as well as natural Magnesium extracted from seawater.