“Technical expertise, long experience and the support of the companies we represent make us a strong partner in the candle industry, whether you are a smaller candle manufacturer or a large international company.”

Krista Wallasvaara
Product group manager

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A comprehensive product range for industrial candle making

We offer a wide range of raw materials, additives, wicks, dyes, machines, melting tanks, and molds for industrial candle making, along with many other accessories for the candle industry. We also provide professional technical guidance with decades of experience in combining different raw materials, both in mass production and in hand casting. We are supported by the leading manufacturers of the industry.

We are often involved in our customers’ product development. Our strength is our solid knowledge of our product portfolio and the strong support and product knowledge of our raw material manufacturers. We follow product trends and take part in intensive product training, as well as in national and international seminars to provide our customers with the latest and greatest in the product groups they are interested in. In addition to technical expertise, environmental and safety issues are our central concerns.

Our products

We offer various types of stearic acids, tallow, tallow/vegetable mixes or vegetable based of palm oil and olive oil origin for different industrial uses and candles

Stearic acids that create a special crystal effect pattern. Can be used for candles and other technical applications

Microwax is usable in many industrial applications. In candles it is used as additive, to improve burning behaviour and appearance.

Many different types of paraffin waxes for different uses in the industry. Food grade, cosmetic grade, pharmacopean grade and technical grades. Different congealing points, viscosities and hardnesses.

Different overdipping waxes for candles, hard and soft overdipping waxes, special effect crystal and velvet overdipping waxes.

100% Olive oil based stearic acid from Mediterranean area.

Soywaxes for pillar- and container candles, different grades.

Coconutwax for container candle production and coconut oil to mix with other natural waxes.

Rapseedwax for pillar and container candles.

Food-, pharma and technical grades, yellow and whitened beeswaxes in pastilleform.

Carnaubawax for different applications.

EcoOlive container filling wax (100% vegetable waxes) and olive wax Greenfad 2701 (100% olive oil based)

Different forms of polycarbonate molds.

Different sizes and forms of glass candle containers.

Different sizes and form of metallic molds.

2-compound molding silicone mass for making your own silicone molds.

Glass and polycarbonate tealight candle molds. Different sizes and patterns

In spools, unwaxed. Small and bigger spools of cotton wicks available. Different thicknesses and different types depending on the candle materials and forms. Prewaxed, precut wicks with metallic sustainers for different container candles and different candlewax types.

Short precut and prewaxed wicks with sustainers for tealights of different sizes

Marschallen wicks, different thicknesses

Oilsoluble dyes for candle throughcoloring. Readymixed colors and dosing system Pigment colors for overdipping candles. Readymixed colors and dosing system

LiquiDyes for throughcoloring LiquiDips for overdipping

Solvent based lacquers, water based lacquers and alcohol based lacquers Shiny, mat, colored, metallic and effect lacquers

Watersoluble painting wax for painting candles, different colors, metallic colors

Different stabilizers for candles for example to give uv-protection, fragrance stabilizing, preventing bubbles and frost

Essential oils for industry applications

Synthetic, semi-synthetic and natural fragrances for example, candles, reed diffusors and hotmelt-soaps

Machinery for candle production

Melting tanks from large industrial scale to smaller hand-making units
Many different handy accessories for the candle industry.