“The core of our competence is understanding the cosmetics manufacturing process and the needs of the manufacturers. We know trends, raw materials and product information, so that we can support our customers product development in the best possible way.”

Pia Wikström
Product group manager

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+358 9 348 6900

High quality, pure ingredients

Today, cosmetic raw materials are produced from nature-friendly, renewable sources. They are also biodegradable even at the end of their life cycle. The products in our range have been tested by their manufacturers to ensure that they are effective and safe to use for skincare, hygiene, and hair care applications.

We offer novel active ingredients for all types of skin, from mature skin to dry skin and sensitive skin as well as for sebum control. We also offer antiperspirants and actives for hair and scalp treatment.

Also Cosmos certified and/or Organic grades are available!

We can offer a wide range of natural scrubs for modern formulations.

Our extensive range of emulsifiers include o/w and w/o emulsifiers, natural and synthetic emulsifiers as well as gel-cream polymers.

The viscosity and skin feel can be adjusted with these additives. Easy-to-use, readily neutralized polymers.

We have a wide range of anionic, amphoteric, non-ionic and cationic surfactants, available either as single ingredient or in convenient blends.