Textile and nonwoven

We supply raw materials for production and finishing for our customers in the textile and nonwoven industry. For production we supply technical fibers and products for lamination and coatings. For finishing we can offer products which increase special properties like hydrophobicity.


Army products IR-fade out products
Special finishing products
Binders B-stage - products
Coating and laminating products Hot melt adhesives
Dispersions and pastes
FR-products FR-products
Fiberglass products Binders
Hydrophobic additives
Finishing products FC-products
Hydrophobic additives
Other finishing products
Printing products CoPA microsuspension pastes
Hot melt suspension pastes
Meltprint polymers
Screen printing

For more information, please contact:

Contact person: Richard Sederholm
Telephone: +358 (0)9 348 69 00
Email: first-name.last-name@celego.fi

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