Personal care


From our wide range of cosmetic grade raw-materials, you can find excellent solutions to your personal care applications. We supply emulsifiers, silicones, active ingredients, emollients as well as preservatives. We offer our best technical support to R&D together with our long term suppliers.

Many of our suppliers also have organic ingredients and organic certified cosmetic raw materials in their product ranges.





Active ingredients Algae extracts
Anti-aging ingredients
Plant extracts
Under arm actives
Emollients Glycerine
Natural oils
Silicone oils
Synthetic oils
Paraffin oils
Petroleum jellys
Emulsifiers Vegetable based emulsifiers
Fatty acids and esters
Self emulsifiers
Silicone emulsifiers
Fragrances Essential oils
Natural parfumes
Gelling agents Polymers
Silicone elastomers
Hair Dyes Hair pigments
Hard soap raw materials Hard soap bases
Soap colors
Soap fragrances
Soap moulds
Preservatives Parabens
Phenoxyethanol and blends
Stabilizers Polymers
Sun protection UVA and UVB protectors
Waxes Natural waxes
Silicone waxes
Synthetic waxes

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Telephone: +358 (0)9 348 69 00

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