Glycolic acid

Glytech™ has a low pKa and a low molecular weight. It is very effective against soap scum and mineral scales, removing soil thoroughly. This combination of properties makes it suitable for dissolving scale in maintaining tools, equipment and vehicles in the dairy or food industry.
Glytech™ shows high ion binding capability and is used as the preferred cleaner for stainless steel tanks. In dairy and food equipment cleaner, glycolic acid is preferred to phosphoric acid or oxalic acid, as there are no environmental concerns. Further glycolic acid removes calcium carbonate and iron oxide scales faster than phosphoric acid. Also glycolate salts are less toxic and the resulting salts are much better soluble than phosphates.

Functionality of Glycolic Acid in phenolic resins:

The polycondensation of phenolic resin can occur in alkali or acidic media depending of the properties wished. In acidic conditions, Glycolic Acid shows very good effects as a very compatible condensation agent;
- as a very effective flowing agent for improving the spray capability of the resin on wood;
- by avoiding the development of moulds due to its micro-bacterial function.


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